Here at Seven Days Cocktail Co. we believe in effort, commitment, ambition, quality, and the desire to express ourselves individually within a team context.  Simply put, products don't make themselves and when you set out to make a truly great brand and product, particularly one that distinguishes itself from its peers through its quality, it requires a team of individually talented people to come together with a common vision and a common goal and to unite their skill sets to produce something great.  We have a wonderful team of talented and hardworking individuals here at Seven Days Cocktail Co. who deserve a round of applause for their accomplishments! Congratulations team!


We'd be remiss if we said we didn't appreciate receiving accolades from subject matter experts and judges.  After all, who doesn't like adding to the hardware collection? Especially with the kind of validation that recognizes and calls out the underlying efforts we undertook to set ourselves apart in the first place: A fundamental core philosophy of creatively elevating, yet honoring the classics, a belief that the details matter and are not to be overlooked such as introducing beautiful aromatics to each cocktail, the willingness to commit the time and effort to research and experiment how best to express each component of each cocktail in a manner that fulfills its role in the overall context of the final product, while always satisfying the palet of our customers at the end of the day.  The medals are great but as always, the real gold is in the commentary which tells us the team of judges was able to independently recognize the details and nuance that we worked so hard to impart in our products.  


Our goal was always to create a best-in-class cocktail that happened to be shelf-stable and ready-to-serve.  A product that had the quality and convenience required to live equally as comfortably On-Premise at bars and restaurants as it does Off-Premise in your home ready-to-serve after a long day of work.  Quality and convenience...we wouldn't settle for one without the other.  With that said, thank you judges and without further adieu, look below to see what the judges had to say about each of our cocktails and the rating they gave them!


Platinum Award - Spicy Blood Orange & Passion Fruit Margarita

"Quite possibly the perfect spicy Margarita. Not a combination of flavors I would have thought of, but wow! If you're someone who loves to liven up your margs with different flavors, this ready-to-drink Margarita is going to knock your socks off"

"Sometimes spicy Margaritas can border on outrageously hot and not enjoyable at all, but the spiciness of this drink comes at the finish and is the Goldielocks of spice: not too hot, not too mild, but just right. And the sweet and bitter flavors that precede that spicy finish are just right, too. A marvelous bottled Margarita!"

"A pet peeve of mine is not being able to taste the Tequila in said cocktails, but Seven Days' 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila not only tastes fantastic, but is front and center in this premixed Margarita. The complementing cast of flavors further enhances the earthy Tequila essence and takes you on a flavorful journey that departs at sweet and arrives at spicy. An exceptionally well-executed premade Margarita."

Passion Fruit Cosmopolitan

"Sweet tropical fragrances danced throughout the air when I opened the bottle for the first time, followed by a lovely sweet and sour flavor from the passion fruit and medley of other complementary tart elements."
"This premixed Cosmopolitan cocktail delivers a really nice changeup from the often overdone traditional Cosmo. Not a knock on the original since I love vodka and cranberry drinks, but this one simply unlocks a bounty of additional flavors."

"Love the rich, pink color of this cocktail which makes it so inviting. They say you eat (drink) with your eyes, and the color of the liquid combined with the beautiful label and refined packaging of the bottle makes me want to right dig in!" 
"Seven Days has done it again. Yet another incredibly well-balanced cocktail, this time a premixed Cosmopolitan with a tropical twist that will make vodka and cranberry lovers drool."

Espresso Martini

"Amazing sweet vanilla and coffee notes abound the instant the cork is removed. The aromas match the flavors perfectly, delivering an elevated experience to the senses."


"Sugary sweet vanilla and rich coffee flavor combined with a delectable creamy texture that will have you pouring another in no time at all. An ultra-premium Espresso Martini in a bottle."


"The smoky essence derived from the cherrywood smoked tea takes this bottled cocktail to a different level. The vanilla and coffee flavors are exquisite by themselves and need no help, but the hint of smoke simply works so well with the other flavors and launches this pre-mixed Espresso Martini into a universe all by itself."


Strawberry & Cucumber Margarita

"Delightfully sweet scents emerged and filled the air when I opened the bottle. What a unique flavor combination the smells and tastes subtly cool and sweet."

"This ready-to-serve Margarita has such a range of flavors and was a pleasure to drink. The tangy citrus and bitters complemented the sweet strawberry flavors so well, and the cool cucumber was the proverbial cherry on top."  

"The strawberry fragrance and flavor really opened up for me when I poured it over ice. Love this variation of a pre-mixed Strawberry Margarita!"    

"Another great job by the team at Seven Days in combining such fresh and unique ingredients to create a special bottled Margarita cocktail. Pleasantly sweet strawberry flavor, but not too sweet, and balanced so well by the other components."


Cara Cara Orange Old Fashioned

"The perfect blended fragrance of bourbon whiskey and sweet orange tipped its hat to me as soon as I removed the cork top. The aroma got even better as I poured this ready-to-drink Old Fashioned into my glass and over ice. Stupendous!"

"I mean, it has everything you'd expect from an expertly crafted Old Fashioned and then some. The blend of ingredients is spot on and the use of Cara Cara Oranges makes the sweetness pop. If there was something higher than a platinum medal this RTD cocktail would win that award all day long."


"The range of flavors is very impressive with each easily discerned by the palate. Premium bourbon. Orange. Bitters. A little enhanced sweetness from the fig. A simply incredible premade Old Fashioned."


Gold Award - Pineapple Daiquiri 

"Incredible tropical flavor from the pineapple and a nice complexity to the flavors from the addition of mint, tea, and lime.  One of the very best ready-to-drink pineapple daiquiris I've ever had, no doubt." 

"This pineapple daiquiri in a bottle did not disappoint. Rich, complete flavors and I loved the little touch of bitterness I got from the lime and tea to help offset the pineapple's sweetness."  


"The mixologists at Seven Days deserve their own award after creating this winner. It's not easy to take such a sweet cocktail and then have it deliver an expansive range of tastes to the palate, but this is exactly what they've done. Normally you see pineapple, you smell pineapple, you taste pineapple, and that's it. Not the case here at all. It's full of flavors that perfectly complement one another each and every sip."

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