Premium that you can taste

Mixologist driven RTD cocktails.

Our mixologists have a decade's worth of experience running the most acclaimed bar and cocktail programs and have solidified a few core tenets. 

First, we have applied the same successful philosophy underlying our world-renowned bar programs to the ready-to-drink cocktail category.  Carefully selected farm-to-glass fresh produce combined with our expertly crafted house-made ingredients, results in an off-the-shelf product that is well-balanced, complex, and superior to alternatives.  Second, our ambition has always been to create a version of our renowned cocktail programs that are accessible to everyone, wherever they are, whenever they may want them.


Our Process


from their farm

Our mixologist’s extensive years of experience have resulted in deep relationships with farmers through out California. This has enabled Seven Days to source the freshest seasonal produce available. Our commitment to quality ingredients is a major contributing factor to our cocktails’ superior taste profile.

to our kitchen

Our mixologists take farm fresh ingredients & create a variety of house-made vermouths, liqueurs, bitters, & amari for each Seven Days Cocktail Co. recipe. Thus eliminating off-the-shelf simple syrups & highly processed ingredients commonly found in traditional cocktails. Resulting in perfectly balanced cocktails with complex flavor profiles.

to the bottle

Bottled conveniently in a variety of formats to accommodate the varying needs of a burgeoning industry. Our cocktails are sold in 200ml, 375ml, & 750ml sizes.

We’re proud of our ingredients & we list them boldly on the front of our label.

to you

We brought a world class bar to you… wherever you happen to be.

Cocktails made how you want them, when you want them, where you want them.

Shake, pour, enjoy. It’s that simple.

shake - pour - drink!

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